Kazakhstan Business Forum 2012

August 29, 2012

KBF 2012

Kazakhstan Business Forum 2012, organized by the Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Government of Kazakhstan and with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom, will be held in London on October 18-th.

One of the main aspects of the KBF 2012 will be to review the innovative business projects under the State program of forced industrial-innovative development for 2014, as well as the “Productivity 2020″ State program, of which leitmotif is the tasks of providing science intensive and innovative ways to develop the economy of Kazakhstan. Investors will share their views on prospects for the further country’s transition from raw export orientation to industrial-innovative development.

The Forum participants will be able to offer their original projects on cooperation in various industrial and manufacturing sectors of the country’s economy.

In addition, the possibilities offered by the so called People’s IPO Programme and its influence on the quality of corporate management in national companies as well as the development of Agricultural potential and Transportation & Communication Infrastructure are among the topics of discussions.

The KBF 2012 has become one of the most anticipated events, aimed at   discussing the tendencies and prospects for economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Government of Kazakhstan supports the initiative to conduct the Kazakhstan Business Forum as an international platform for dialogue to establish and develop business relations between business communities of the UK, EU and Kazakhstan.

Today, the KBCC projects are among the leading corporate and industry-wise events in the UK and Central Asia, attended by senior delegates from governments, leading world manufacturers, and suppliers of services, financiers and consultants.

Kazakhstan Business Forum 2012 will be held in London for the third time.

Registration on KBF 2012 forum is open!