February 8, 2010

Leaders in nuclear clean-up

UKAEA is an internationally-respected expert in decommissioning with over 50 years of experience in the nuclear industry. We offer complete solutions through a wide range of services including programme management, decommissioning, waste management, environmental services and technical consulting.

We restore nuclear and contaminated environments by offering total programme management solutions, specialist technical consulting, quality assurance and design services.

By cutting the time and cost of decommissioning, we aim to reduce the costs to our customers and achieve significant environmental benefits. And with unrivalled clean-up expertise, we are well-placed to compete in the environmental restoration market too.

Our approach to security, safety, health and the environment

UKAEA carefully monitors the whole decommissioning process, ensuring we deal with all security, safety, health and environmental issues proactively, thoroughly and responsibly. Our teams meet strict industry standards set by regulators, including the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency, whilst our quality controls, environmental protection measures and safety procedures are respected worldwide.

Our team of experts

With a highly-experienced team of nuclear scientists, environmental experts, engineers, designers, waste specialist and project managers, we are able to create tailored solutions that address the technical issues and meet the challenges involved in nuclear decommissioning.

Our working partnerships

Through our planning processes and management systems, we can fully scope technically complex projects and identify the skills and capabilities required. UKAEA’s strategic partnerships with leading contractors mean that we can lead and deliver complete decommissioning programmes efficiently.

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