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October 30, 2009

property_dimensionsProperty Dimensions is a leading international real estate and investment advisory group. We act as principal and advisor in originating, structuring, financing, developing and managing a diversified portfolio of assets which include several hotels, commercial office blocks, prime retail assets and commercial / residential developments throughout Europe.

Property Dimensions offers wealth management advisory services to high net worth individuals and family clients. The cornerstone of our bespoke investment advice is the creation, management and preservation of our client’s wealth.

Property Dimensions has a broad variety of private clients ranging from cash rich but time poor full advisory to investor only clients.

Direct, honest and approachable, Property Dimensions brings years of specialist experience and the highest standards to meeting your needs. The success of this dedication can be measured by the exceptional results we deliver time and time again.

Why Property & Why Prime Central London?

Property is a long term, stable asset. The London market, in particular, has outperformed all other asset classes over the last decade.

In our view the current low interest rate environment makes property a highly attractive form of investment. Property managed investments typically produce a regular income stream by virtue or quarterly rents and regular rent reviews in commercial assets and monthly in advance in terms of residential assets.

Investing in prime locations such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea has proven to be very generous and rewarding for our clients. For instance the price of residential property has grown more than 250% since mid 1990s. This represents 15% greater than the average increase in prices for England and Wales.

These areas are protected by planning restraints against over development and are considered to be a world brand with international appeal. This combined with a continuous lack of supply supports sound capital growth and investment returns.

How has the Global economic climate affected your business?

Investment opportunities will always be available in all market conditions and especially during recessions.   We are increasingly seeing many of our international clients taking advantage of price falls and the weak pound, achieving discounts of up to 35% at the markets peak in 2007. We have recently expanded our multi lingual team to cater for the increasing demand from Middle East Russian and Chinese investors.

How do you see the future?

History has proven that the value of prime property rises quicker when the market recovers. Since the last recession in the early nineties houses prices level in greater London are today at more than three folds higher.

This scenario has been repeated for decades, and we don’t see why this won’t continue to happen in the future. Supply is likely to remain at low levels in the prime regional markets, which will put additional upward pressure on prices.

There is evidence, in the residential market that some financial institutions are beginning to lend again, at least to borrowers who meet their criteria. Record low base rates and recovering balance sheets have stoked the flames too. Combined with less aggressive repossession policies under government pressure, there is some cause for hope in the residential market.

As economic output recovered and growth spluttered back into positive figures through April and May, the commercial market has also hinted at signs of recovery.

The consensus is emerging among market experts that commercial property investment will have risen in the second quarter of this year when the final calculations are made. This will be the first increase in two years, pointing to a far sunnier outlook in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Do you see a synergy between Property Dimension’s services and Kazakh business activity in the UK?

As the record shows, Kazakhstan is keen to increase cooperation with the UK’s government, companies and universities. The present level of good relations, investment and trade between Britain and Kazakhstan remains high.

Great Britain is Kazakhstan’s leading European trading partner. As commercial links continue to strengthen the opportunities for Property Dimension’s business can only improve.

The population of wealthy Kazakh people in London is steadily increasing, thanks to their desire to do business, live and study in one of the most reputable cities in the world. In confirmation of that is the increasing number of UK visas issued to Kazakhstan businessmen and students (rising at a rate of around 20% a year). Also, nearly 50% of Kazakh students who study abroad choose to do so at UK educational institutions. We are ready to treat this potential client base in a professional manner, offering bespoke services in handling property investments.

Now is the time for Property Dimensions to keep its eyes open and stand prepared to cover the increasing demand and interest from Kazakhstan businesses for investment in Prime Central London Real Estate.

So, in answer to the question, there are many points of common interest. In this particular case, Property Dimensions will act as a London Property Investment Guru for the benefit of their Kazakhstan clients.

Where do you see the best opportunities at the moment?

On the residential side, we are seeing good opportunities arise within the £600,000 to £1.5m price brackets. The best investments at this level offer very good scope for capital growth as mid-term investments in the West end of London.

There is also increasing demand for commercial properties between £10-£15m. We are sourcing premium buildings with good, financially secure tenants yielding up to 8%. Again, these properties will seem excellent value within 3 to 5 years.

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