About MTM Overseas Engineering

February 8, 2010

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MTM Overseas Engineering Ltd is a new venture recently incorporated ( date of incorporation 24.04.2009) in the UK to promote & deliver engineering and IT services. The customer base covers discreet & process manufacturing companies, including Oil & Gas, and also the agencies responsible for the governance and management of large infrastructures such as motorways, railways and utilities. High level maintenance engineering services are the initial core business of the company because the founders believe that proper maintenance of fixed-assets is the baseline for good performance of any type of company, regardless of the type of product or service. The range of services includes:

  • traditional consultancy
  • education
  • audit
  • design & management of maintenance plans
  • set-up of maintenance departments
  • risk assessment & management
  • design of disaster recovery plans
  • Implementation of software solutions for the management of large industrial fixed assets and infrastructure.

In addition the company is in partnership with some leading vendors of maintenance management software solutions for large and mid-size companies. The main geographical target markets are the UK, Germany, Southern European countries and emerging countries in Asia. The company plans to launch a new innovative web-based maintenance service for mid-size companies within the next few months. The personnel include senior consultants and advisors with international skill & knowhow in dealing with small, medium and large enterprises and with the capability of managing multilingual & multiethnic teams.

For more information about this company please contact:

Irina Suslova
Marketing & Events Manager
Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce (KBCC)

Tel: +44-20-7491 7199
Mob: +44-7-999-999-613
Fax: +44-870-383-7288
Email: irina.s@kbcc.org.uk