About EduPartners

November 10, 2010


EduPartners (Edueo Ltd) is providing Human Resources Solutions for Nuclear and Mining Industries.

EduPartners provides from the best junior professionals to top professionals to major actors of these key industries through a global network of consultants that cover principal markets.
We have developed two levels of services:

  • Interim and Temporary Management
  • Permanent Placement

EduPartners develops a product, EduAtom, related to management and improvement of knowledge within the nuclear sector.

Please feel free to contact us for more info:

Office in UK:
Cariocca Business Park, 2 Sawley Road, M40 8BB, Lancashire, Manchester
tel: +44.(0)844.587.5715
email: james@edueo.com

Office in France:
10 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris
tel: +33.(0)811.030.813
email: jerome@edueo.com