Success is in the partnership with the state

September 25, 2013

Success partnership  with the  stateA livestock breeding center was formed through cooperation of entrepreneurs and the SEC «Pavlodar».

Recently, various business structures are actively taking advantage of their partnership with the government in the implementation of their projects. As a rule, most of them succeed. An example of this is a livestock breeding center “Peschanskii”, which created a stable production in the region on the principles of public-private partnership with JSC «NC» SEC «Pavlodar».

-In March of this year we applied to the «SEC Pavlodar» for the presentation of our project “BreedingCenter” Peschanskii”, — says entrepreneur Kairat Imangazinov, now general director of the center. They supported us and the project was approved by the regional governor. And in April already we started to work.

At present, 190 million tenge has been invested in the business and in the near future another 60 million tenge is planned to be put in its development.

The new production immediately began to operate in two directions — livestock and agriculture. If six months ago, the local herd was 570 heads, now it is about seven hundred of cows. The partnership intends to increase this number by half, staking on breeding animals.

They also develop crop production. In the spring, over a thousand of acres were planted with barley, oats, potatoes, corn for silage, Sudan grass. All the cultures gave good harvest. Thereby they create a strong forage base.

No less important is the fact that 95 people received a permanent job. Just in the past two months 20 villagers were employed. Now these people do not have to go to work a few tens of kilometers to another village. And most importantly they have a stable income.