Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulates Kazakhstanis on Orthodox Christmas

January 7, 2014

Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated all people of Kazakhstan on Orthodox Christmas.

Dear compatriots!

I wholeheartedly congratulated all Christians and people of Kazakhstan on the Nativity of Christ.

For centuries this feast fills the hearts of people with the light of hope, mercifulness and tolerance, brings kindness and peace, good thoughts and deeds.

These eternal spiritual values unite representatives of all religions. They are a solid underpinning for the development and future achievements of Kazakhstan.

The strength of our society in which various cultures and traditions enrich one another is propped up by peace and accord. Kazakhstan is moving forward dynamically by consolidating its socioeconomic development and preserving harmony between vivid uniqueness of all ethnic groups and their strong unity.

The celebration of Orthodox Christmas is associated with humanism and acts of kindness. It is of paramount importance for the nation that has always put on top of all the traditions of mutual help and respect.

Tolerance and inter-faith dialogue are the key priorities for Kazakhstan since the very first days of its independence. We highly appreciate the contribution of our Cristian compatriots to the social, economic and spiritual development of our home – the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today I wish all of you peace and love, happiness, well-being and prosperity!