Nazarbayev University developed new rules of direct enrolment

March 6, 2012

Nazarbaev_UNIThe Nazarbayev University will begin direct enrolment of students for bachelor’s degree program in 2012 avoiding the Foundation program, deputy chairperson of the Executive Council of the Nazarbayev University Kadisha Dairova said in her interview for site.

‘We have developed new rules for direct enrolment for bachelor’s degree program avoiding the Foundation program. Thus, the number of places for directly enrolled and transferred students will make 50 this year,’ K. Dairova said.

Presently, the preparation for enrolment at the Nazarbayev University is just underway.  Now, most of the students have the IELTS and TOEFL certificates.

‘In 2012, we also receive 500 people for training courses. As of the end of January, more than 4 thousand applications were received and around 2 thousand of them already passed the British Council English Placement Tests (BCERT),’ Kadisha Dairova noted.

The next stage is passing a subject test SET in March-April 2012. The University of College London will become a partner.

‘At the end of June we will have the results of the tests passed by the prospective students. The work on studying all the materials jointly with the enrolment board will start in July and it consists of the representatives of the UCL and Schools of the Nazarbayev University,’ she added.

In accordance with the information of the University, 21.8% of the registered students are Astana residents, 18.7% – from Almaty and around 8% – from South Kazakhstan region.