Kazakhstan is the largest trading partner of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia – Roza Otunbayeva

August 17, 2011

Central Asian Trade Forum with participation of Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva has started in Bishkek.

The representatives of the regional and international export companies, governmental structures of the region, small and medium businesses of Central Asia gathered to discuss the international trade practice, export marketing, product certification, taxes for exporting companies, export and banking sector, international trade.

Otunbayeva noted that Kyrgyzstan has considerable potential for economic development. “The republic possesses large reserves of gold, tungsten, tin, antimony, mercury and other rare metals. Our country ranks third in the world on production of mercury and tenth on the sales of gold. There are good prospects for reviving the domestic production of coal, oil and gas. Investors can participate in projects to develop tourism infrastructure, construction of exhibition and fair center, new hotels, resorts and roads. There is a lot of work for the future,” the President of Kyrgyzstan said.

Otunbayeva cited figures that indicate that Central Asian countries are among the traditional trading partners of Kyrgyzstan. On the average, about 20 percent of the total trade turnover of Kyrgyzstan falls on Central Asian countries. The most intense cooperation Kyrgyzstan has with Kazakhstan (73 percent) and Uzbekistan (21.5 percent).

Source: Kazinform
Date: 17 August 2011