Kazakhstan develops large-panel construction

September 26, 2012

Implementation of the Affordable Housing – 2020 Program is aimed to develop the housing stock of the country and give a new impetus to development of the construction industry. The technologies of frame and large-panel housing construction are planned to и applied within the Program, according to Pm.kz.

Development of the system of house building factories is one of the priority directions of the Affordable Housing – 2020 Program.

In Kazakhstan, housing affordability should be ensured, first of all, by means of application of high-quality, not expensive construction materials and, secondly, year round construction, Chairman of the Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities Serik Nokin believes.

“I would like to note that the Program of Construction Industry Development will be amended in order to ensure successful implementation of the Affordable Housing – 2020 Program.

Development of the large-panel construction will be one of the priorities now along with the frame construction in order to reduce the terms and the cost of the housing,” S.Nokin said earlier in his interview for PM.kz site.

A special group was established to define location of the house building factories and degree of their participation in the Affordable Housing – 2020 Program.

The main advantages of the house building factories are high level of productivity, high level of automation, high speed and low cost on retention of the high level of quality. Their products can be used for construction of multistory, low rise houses and individual housing construction.

The experience of foreign companies producing complex plants and equipment for housing construction industry was studied in order to establish house building factories in the country.

“The large-panel construction technology is widely applied in Russia and Belarus as long as this technology allows to resolve the housing issues. The large-panel construction technology helps to increase the pace of construction, make it cheaper, improve its quality,” manager of the project on construction of a house building factory of “Shar Kurylys” LLP in Astana Dinmukhamed Kusainov said in his interview for PM.kz.

In accordance with the forecast, the share of the domestic production of construction materials will increase to 90% by 2020 for implementation of the Affordable Housing – 2020 Program.

In accordance with the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, 1254 enterprises including 199 large ones are involved in production of construction materials in the territory of Kazakhstan. Totally, 85 construction projects worth 117 billion tenge were implemented over 2 years of realization of the Industrialization Program. Another 35 projects amounting to over 200 billion tenge are planned to be implemented in 2012-2014.

Source: Kazinform