Kazakhstan could decide on WTO accession timeframe in March-April

March 3, 2014

Kazakhstan’s prime minister said the country should make every effort this year to finalize talks as part of its process of accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

“The negotiation process … has taken more than 10 years. And we surely are on the threshold of joining the WTO. March – the beginning of March – will show the definitive configuration as regards our accession to the WTO. I hope that in March or April we will know definitely when we will join the WTO, this or next year,” Serik Akhmetov said at a meeting at the Economy and Budget Planning Ministry.

He said Kazakhstan should keep fighting for easier accession terms.

“Our negotiators on the WTO issue are professionals who are already defending Kazakhstan’s interests and pressing for our accession to the WTO on Kazakh terms,” he said.

Kazakhstan filed its accession application in 1996. Accession dates have been put back repeatedly.