Kazakh President outlines his concept of civilised development in XXI century

May 27, 2012

While addressing the V Astana Economic Forum, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined his concept of civilisation development in the 21st Century.

“The international community can constructively develop only in the absence of revolutions, in terms of equality, mutual tolerance, transparency and global multi-polarity,” he said. “Successful renovation of the global architecture can be only evolutionary.

“As the ‘Arab Spring’ demonstrated, a revolution only hinders the development of society,” he said.” It hampers the economy and social development. It complicates the inter-state relations and creates more problems.

“Moreover, the current relations between the countries should be based on justice, equality and consensus,” he said.

“The division of the great and minor countries in the 21st Century is out of date in terms of civilisation,” he went on to say. “The domination of some countries over others is not progress. This is a dead end for all.”

It is necessary to create a system of global governance which will take into account the interests of both developed and developing countries. Moreover, international relations must be based on tolerance and trust.

“This is not just interethnic, inter-religious, intercultural mutual respect,” Nazarbayev said. “The relations between the countries regardless of their geopolitical weight, influence, historical experience, the level of developing economy and society must be tolerance.”

Complying with international transparency is also a necessary condition for human development.

“There must be no double standards degrading the large, medium or small nations in the world,” the president said. “Maximum openness and transparency in international affairs is required. The global economy will successfully develop in this case and the wealth of every nation increase.”

“The creation of constructive multilateralism is the last principle of global development in the XXI century,” the president said.

“Creating a multi-polar sphere is a trend of global development in the XXI century,” he said.

“But the issue regarding the relations between the poles will occur. It will be determined whether this will be an honest fair competition, global competitiveness, or the world will be an arena of tough political and ideological confrontation, the scene of a new arms race. The only alternative to these threats and challenges is to create constructive multilateralism.

This must be a balanced system of geopolitical deterrent force and balances, without block psychology, this negative legacy of the bipolar world. There should be no geopolitical snobbery. Powerful integration unions must coexist peacefully, work closely. I am convinced that the world will resolve urgent problems of the global economy and gain sustainable development in terms of constructive multipolarity.”

These principles will form the basis of a new international format G-Global, proposed by the Kazakh president late last year as an alternative to G8 and G20.

Source: trend.az