Kazakh Majilis passes new Criminal Code

January, 2014

Responsibility for terrorism and extremism is toughened. From now these crimes will be referred to serious or high crime that will entail imprisonment up to 12 years and more than 12 years respectively. Such rules appeared in the new Criminal Code, which was approved by members of Majilis in the first reading. Deputy General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan presented the bill to the MPs.

- You know, the Criminal Code provides 27 other crime components, and we increased prison terms for seven of them. We have introduced longer prison terms for stirring ethnic strife. Parole will be possible only in the case if no one is killed as the result of the attack and secondly, if offender repents and moves away from radical religious beliefs.

A new version of the bill includes nine additional criminal offenses. For committing crimes of small and moderate gravities that are not related to the death of a person can now only be fined. The new document provides greater responsibility for disseminating information of offensive or defamatory nature through computer systems. Responsibility of persons driving under the influence of alcohol is also tightened. Rules for the reconciliation of the parties have been removed from the draft. Now, if drunk driver hits a person with his car, he will be punished and lose driving license for a longer period.

Source: Kazakh TV