Atom for peaceful development

September 25, 2013

Yesterday the IX International Conference «Nuclear and Radiation Physics» started in Almaty, organized by the Atomic Energy Committee under the RK MINT, National Nuclear Center and the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

In the frames of the conference the annual workshop «Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia» will be held, which more than 10 years already addresses the issues related to development of nuclear energy and its safety. Director General of the «NationalNuclearCenter of the Republic of Kazakhstan» Erlan Batyrbekov said more than 200 scientists from 26 countries are taking part in it. It means that the interest in nuclear physics, nuclear power in the world is growing.

The forum will discuss a wide range of scientific and technological problems of nuclear power, nuclear and radiation physics, radiation ecology, the use of nuclear and radiation methods in medicine and industry. International cooperation is a priority for Kazakhstan nuclear scientists, who have long-lasting and strong relationships with many research centers in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, Asia and the CIS.

Kazakhstan Government pays special attention to the use of nuclear science and technology for socio -economic development of the country. Kazakhstan’s industrial companies and research centers are successfully implementing the program for nuclear industry development, covering the whole range of tasks. As known, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies has established a special task group  to work out a roadmap for construction of nuclear power plant, as well as the feasibility studies for selecting the place of a would-be nuclear power plant.

Together with the Japanese specialists, the Kazakh scientists conducted preliminary feasibility studies to show that the nuclear power plant is to be used as a basic source of electric power, and have defined the main phases of nuclear power development in Kazakhstan. Vice president of the international nuclear movement «Nevada — Semipalatinsk» Sultan Kartoev as a representative of civil society supports the idea of building nuclear power plants.

- At present there are over 500 nuclear power plants in the world, another 400 are under construction and designing. Coal reserves will run out sooner or later, and Kazakhstan is leading in uranium reserves in the world. So I stand for construction of such stations, but they must be safe and environmentally friendly. And now the science is working on it, — he went on.

The NationalNuclearCenter is resolving the problems of the former Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, and eliminates the radiation hazard in the former Irtysh Chemical — Metallurgical Plant. The acting Director General of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Peter Chakrov stressed that the INP is the only institution in the country, conducting comprehensive fundamental and applied research in nuclear and radiation physics, solid state physics, materials science, radioecology, radiochemistry, radiopharmaceuticals, physics of particle accelerators and nuclear reactors, tests of structural and fuel materials and components of nuclear technology. Unique research infrastructure, consisting of four large particle accelerators and a research reactor, is used.

Annually, the Institute performs hundreds of contracts, providing the economy of the country with specialized high-tech products and services, in particular, radiation safety of oil and gas operations in the Karachaganak oil-gas condensate field, a project on establishment of a Nuclear Medicine and Biophysics Center; in collaboration with leading universities of the republic it is training professionals in nuclear industry and the innovation sector of Kazakhstan economy. The Institute is actively involved in local and international initiatives to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation. This work is under the technical and financial support of the IAEA and «G8″.

The forum will be completed on September 27.