Astana Economic Forum becomes major event for economic science – academician Alshanov

May 27, 2012

V Astana Economic Forum has become a major event, since every year it is attended by more and more respected scientists from all over the world, President of Kazakhstan Higher Educational Institutions Association Rakhman Alshanov said in an interview with Kazinform.

- What is the peculiarity of the V Astana Economic Forum?

- Scientists from around the world are concerned about the problems that are discussed at the AEF, because they are relevant and common to the whole world.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev reminded that he proposed to test within the framework of the Astana Forum a new format of dialogue – G-GLOBAL, being a potential unifying idea of a multipolar world. The President invited the forum participants to discuss its five principles.

The first principle is evolution, not revolution. Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed that mankind has exhausted the limit on revolutions and world wars in the last century. The second one is justice, equality, consensus, when global decisions at all levels should be made only by consensus.

The third principle is global tolerance and trust. Relationship between states should be tolerant regardless of their geo-political weight and influence, historical experience, level of development of economy and society.

The fourth principle is global transparency. And the fifth one is a constructive multipolarity.

All countries should express their views, participate in problem solving. This is a unique feature of this forum.

Tell, please, about interesting features of the forum?

- The forum includes representatives of science and economy. Our forum provides an opportunity to speak to scientists regardless of their nationality and place of work. It became a major event in the world of economics.

It was interesting that along with Nobel Prize winners, Kazakh and Russian scientists and scientists from other countries had equal opportunities to speak. There was no division into distinguished scientists and undistinguished ones. In particular, young scientists of Kazakhstan put forward an original idea on macro economic issues, which is a continuation and development of the ideas of Nobel Prize winners Prescott and Kydland on a dynamic economy. They solveda very difficult mathematical problem. This is a good reason for pride.

The President also suggested to establish a powerful web portal with the segmentation of the main ideas of G-GLOBAL. This is the reform of the global economy and monetary system based on the articles “Keys to the Crisis” and “Fifth Way”.

Source: Kazinform