kiteSituated in the heart of London, the Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce is host to a truly unique One Stop Centre offering the multitude of business, information and promotion services, available to our members.

Extensive Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

As a member of the Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce you have access to the extensive marketing and promotional aspects with which the Chamber is involved intending to provide further opportunities for your success. Each year, at no additional cost to you or your business, the Chamber’s Board of Directors will guide calls and visitors to your doorstep. Your marketing materials will be put on display at the Chamber One Stop Centre, the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom and other places of business. With your membership you could take advantage of these opportunities. The Chamber website has comprehensive and valuable resources and information on our countries and is regularly updated with member content, including region specific events and special announcements.

Your Business Resource and Connection

The Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce is your business resource. Regardless of whether you are a multinational corporation or a sole entrepreneur, KBCC services are designed for a wide spectrum of companies. Our expert services include up-to-date business advice in English, Russian and Kazakh languages covering various issues of intra-country business. We facilitate liaison with authorities in Kazakhstan and the UK and lobby actively on behalf of our members. We provide help with finding potential partners and conducting business-to-business research and promotion at the respective markets.

Networking Centre

The Chamber will help you to gain contacts and new customers through our strong network of members and partners and through regular member referrals. We encourage our members to actively network at the Chamber functions such as dinner meetings or business after hour functions to build relationships in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

In addition, our Chamber collaborates to arrange events with other regional Chambers and conference organisers that help foster our Chamber mission and promote our membership. Each event enables a member to choose any level of participation, which is subject to substantial membership discounts. We encourage our members to use this attractive benefit to the full by participating in seminars and networking events – a chance to get access to hot-off-the-press news and introduce yourself and your company to new business contacts.

Information Centre

KBCC’s was founded with the primary objective of creating a unique information hub providing access to reliable up-to-date business information and advice on targeted markets in Kazakhstan and the UK. Through a wide range of communication channels, we are providing a platform for dynamic exchange of information between companies and professionals involved in export markets.

Website: A free listing and web site link is available in the business directory on the Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce website. In addition, those seeking to post special events and programs can do so on our Calendar of Events listing. Each member company has a directory entry which may be seen at any time by visitors to the website. The Directory is fully searchable and is accessed frequently by firms and individuals looking for potential partners.

Chamber Brochure: New members receive a free listing in our brochure and may choose to increase their presence and advertise in this publication.

Events Calendar: The Chamber coordinates a monthly Events Calendar on its website in an effort to highlight businesses and their events in the region and to showcase the member’s activities to prospective visitors. Chamber members may sponsor events as a way of gaining exposure within the business community and showing their community support.

Chamber E-Bulletin “NOMAD”: The Chamber regularly distributes an e-Bulletin with the targeted readership of over 600 people containing member’s news, regional business news by industry, information on new rules and regulations affecting our members as well as other editorial material. It is circulated to all UK and Kazakh members, the regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the British and Kazakh Embassies, Consulates, Mayors’ offices and regional authorities as well as top corporates and financial institutions throughout Kazakhstan and the UK. As a member, you can participate in this promotional vehicle, which will drive business to you.

E-Mail Announcement Forwarding: The Chamber will forward any email announcements, events and specials to all Chamber members through its exclusive mailing list.

Board of Directors Meetings: Our Chamber welcomes the members to attend our regularly scheduled Board meetings. Members are invited to attend, share ideas, get involved and network with other Chamber members.

Membership discounts

Substantial membership discounts are available for all chargeable services provided by the Chamber. Examples of services discounted to members include advertising and mail shots, Astana, Almaty and London accommodation, database search, translation services, language training, cultural briefings, assistance in setting up operations, consultancy, market research, logistics, etc.