Who we are?

May 21, 2009

Kazakh-British Chamber of Commerce (“KBCC”) is a primary bilateral business association created with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in London and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

KBCC’s main objective is to help UK and Kazakh members of the Chamber to establish new and develop existing business relationships with a particular focus on promotion and development of exporting capabilities of SME companies in both countries.

By promoting Kazakhstan to UK businesses and UK to Kazakh businesses and by fostering an environment wherein individual business owners, corporations and small and medium enterprises can network and benefit from the collective power of others, we are raising the bar with regard to the business environment in Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom.

Our key goals:

  • Active promotion of the positive country image of Kazakhstan among political and business circles of the UK
  • Development of external trade in equipment, consumer goods, commodities, materials and services between Kazakhstan and the UK with a particular focus on SME export
  • Facilitation of the liaison between government authorities and trade missions
  • Provision of reliable information and access to prospective partners, facilitation – of networking among companies, professionals and business leaders
  • Promotion of free market principles for further development of bilateral economic relations between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Assistance in implementation of European and World Standards in Kazakhstan (ISO)
  • Support in bringing investments, legal and financial aspects of Kazakh-British business, conducting feasibility studies in Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom.