Success stories: foreign investors in Kazakhstan

Those who have visited Kazakhstan have had the opportunity to experience the energetic and dynamic environment of our country.

This year, 2011, is a jubilee year for Kazakhstan as we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the nation’s independence. During the years of sovereignty, Kazakhstan has attained success levels recognized all over the world. Since 1991, the Kazakh economy has attracted over US$136b of foreign direct investment, and this indicator is 14 times greater than the one we had at the start of sovereignty. Kazakhstan’s GDP per capita is 13 times what it was 1991…

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  • Welcome to Kazakhstan
  • Success stories
    1. ArcelorMittal
    2. Cameco Corporation
    3. Chevron
    4. Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation
    5. HSBC Bank Kazakhstan
    6. METRO Cash & Carry
    7. Microsoft
    8. Philip Morris International
    9. The Royal Bank of Scotland
    10. Siemens
    11. TeliaSonera
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