Speech of N.Nazarbayev, president of Republic of Kazakhstan at V Astana Economic Forum

Dear Participants of the Forum!

Dear guests!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Astana Economic Forum already has become an important part of global dialogue of politicians, scientists and experts.

This is proven by quality of participants.

Nearly 8 thousand people from more than 90 countries of the world sent their applications for participation in various sessions.

Among the Forum participants there are 12 Nobel Prize Laureates, 4 members of the global top list “Hundred Modern Thinkers”.

I am especially glad to greet former and incumbent heads of states and governments, worldly known politicians, and heads of international and regional organizations.

The range of our discussions expanded substantially during these four years.

Actually Astana Economic Forum becomes a broadcaster of the “Eurasian outlook” on issues of the global development.

It is important for success of the new twenty first century geopolitical reality – common economic area between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belorussia.

I am convinced that the V Economic Forum will open up a new page in the modern world-outlook and the development of the global economy ideas.

Dear participants of the Forum!

The agenda of the Forum includes important issue of ways of the economy transformation of the world. It has been discussed for several years.

However an abundance of ideas and proposals so far did not translate into practical solutions at the global level.

As a result, the world currency economic crisis grew into the world social crisis touching many developed nations.

The International labor organization forecasts that we are facing a threat of the world unemployment. In Europe the rate of unemployment significantly exceeded the past century index: 8.3 per cent in Italy, 8.3 in Great Britain, 6 in Germany, 9.7 per cent in France. There are nearly 11 million unemployed in those four locomotives of European Union, and the half of them is young people. In other EU countries the rate is even higher. Globally, every third working age adult which is equivalent of 1 billion 100 million people are unemployed or live for less than 2 dollars per day with their families.

Huge amount of assets are funding in order to save separate national economies and to support World Bank and IMF. Unfortunately this is the only positive measure accepted in G-8 and G-20 format.  It is like suppressing fire with petrol.

The incompleteness of the global anti-crisis measures is an evidence of the system crisis – corrosion of the international relations.

Establishment of G-20 widely spread the range of dialogue upon the world economy reformation.

But today after 4 years of the first anti-crisis summit of the “twenty”, the format seems to be insufficient.

At the last economic forum in Davos most world leaders agreed that something should be done with neo liberalism in capitalism.

At the end of the last year I suggested to pilot the so called “G-GLOBAL” a new form of dialogue within the frame of Astana Economic Forum.

The idea got a broad support among politicians, experts and the world community.

In just several month the daily visits of the G-GLOBAL internet platform established on the official site of Astana Economic Forum increased by more than 40 times.

More than 30 thousand users from 140 countries throughout the world became its permanent participants.

It is an intensive network search ways to create a new world economic order.

It is interesting that the interactive discussion on G-GLOBAL goes beyond of reformation of the world economic and monetary systems.

They discuss a wide range of issues among them are innovative development, nuclear and ecology security, ethnical and religious tolerance, geopolitics and many other aspects.

G-Global serves as a potential uniting idea of the multi power world.

Utmost in every interactive message one can see a hope for a stable and just world order in XXI century.

What are the conclusions?

At first, the world community passes through one of the complicated periods in the global history.

Never before mankind had huge potential both for successful development and for self-distraction at the same time.

Understanding of it makes actual the search of collective solution of the world problems.

Today it is not actual to solve problems only in economics or climate warming.

At second, the global communication means have never been so developed as today.

Nowadays and in future as well they can reduce the distance, shorten the time, and overcome political, historical and other barriers.

This potential should not be a means of information provocations, aimed crush of moral foundations and social order in “unwanted societies”. It should be used in constructive purposes along with the improvement of the global dialogue for the sake of stable development.

At third, the world tries to live in new conditions.

This lesson is not easy one for one and even difficult for another one. What I mean is the ability of the society to follow the progress through the evolution to new technological standards and new levels of social relations. It is important to know and learn the development experience of many countries.

In this extent Kazakhstan is ready for such kind of cooperation. Kazakhstan is ready to study and share experience with all friends.

At fourth, the structure of the world depends on many factors.

We should take into account strive of billions of people to justice.

Justice in XXI century is not only moral value.

It is one of the determinants of the national and global development.

In XXI century are impossible such socio-economic models which based on “milking” natural resources of the “third world”.

At the same time it is non-perspective to borrow for non-productive purposes, refuse from industrial development and investment into the human resources.

Such lesson gives us “Arabic spring” and “Eurozone crisis”.

At fifth, it is important to overcome stagnation of the entire system of international relationships.

An important task here is transparent world policy.

It should be based on the high level of trust between nations and their mutual responsibility for the present and future of each region and the world at large.

In general the idea of G-GLOBAL showed its incredible potential.

G-GLOBAL takes into account geopolitics and geo-economics of non-government bodies – international non-governmental organizations, private entities, multinational companies, politics and citizens from various countries.

G-GLOBAL targets all of the countries, millions of Internet users and global web interested in world reforms and establishing just, safe world order.

I am grateful to all the participants of the V Astana Economic Forum and all users of communicative platform in Internet for their high evaluations, comments and support.

I am convinced together we can achieve the main goal of G-GLOBAL – to suggest the world an attractive and functioning world relations in XXI century.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Two decades ago Kazakhstan was a broken part of a super power. From the scratch we created a new state and new economy.

At the start all we had was collapsed economy with hypo-inflation in 2100 per cent.

Due to reforms and enormous efforts of the whole society Kazakhstan, the country achieved incredible success.

In this brief period of time, GDP per capita increased from 700 dollars US to 12000 dollars US. It is 16 times growth! In first 20 years even the South East Asian Tigers never achieved such growth rates. Their growth was only in 3-4 times.

Our country has attracted 150 billion dollars US of foreign direct investments (FDI). Due to the sufficient anti-crisis measures in the most difficult period we have managed to keep positive dynamics. During the past year our economy grew in 7.5 per cent, we expect the same temp of growth in this year. Last year our country attracted 20 billion dollars.

Today Kazakhstan works under the wide scale Program of accelerated industrious-innovative development.

Its aim is to create non raw material economy allowing increasing the economic value to 2020 year.

Practically every half year we open new industrial enterprises.

According to industrial map we plan to launch 350 innovative projects till 2015 year in agriculture, processing industry, and infrastructure.

Within two years we have created 100 thousand work places. At first time in the history Kazakhstan started to produce cars, planes. We are working on a wide scale infrastructural projects and plan to build more than a thousand kilometers of new railways, thousands kilometers of new roads.

Nowadays Kazakhstan conducts social modernization.

Within the program “employment – 2020” we wish to solve an ambitious task to provide decent work to one and half million Kazakhstani people.

Next 10 years we are planning to build up 6 mln. square meters of housing, accessible for youth.

We actively modernize the system of education and healthcare.

Kazakhstan has interest in attracting more foreign direct investments. That is why will continue improving conditions for productive work of foreign businesses.

Yesterday we held a traditional 25th meeting of the Foreign Investors Counseling. Its participants gave very high marks Kazakhstan’s competitiveness and dynamic economic growth, huge potential and social modernization.

I proposed investors to jointly realize a mega-project called “Kazakhstan- the New Silk Road” and I’d like to invite all businessmen to take an active part in implementation of this strategic plan.

Dear friends!

Independent Kazakhstan felt itself a part of the world 20 years ago after the closure of Semipalatinsk nuclear polygon and refusal from the nuclear weapon.

Today Kazakhstan is a leading country of nuclear weapon free world movement.

Kazakhstans new anti-nuclear initiatives were introduced in Seoul Global Summit upon nuclear safety.

Kazakhstan understands that prosperity and growth of our country and all other countries is impossible within stable world.

For the world constant progress we should work out fundamental principles of the world order in XXI century. The constructive development of civilization can be guaranteed by the following five principles which I suggest to call: G-GLOBAL principles.

Number one: Evolution not revolution.

I believe that mankind reached the ceiling with revolutions and world wars in past century. Therefore the wisdom of mankind is in saving the world. Otherwise that will lead to self-distraction.

As we see “Arabic spring”, revolutions only hamper the progress and throw the society backwards, make interstate relations complicated and arise more problems. Revolutions can happen only in scientific and technological sphere.

But in political and social spheres revolutions are crucial. Reforms are the only way for progress in XXI century.

Number two: Justice, equality and consensus.

In XXI century the division of countries on great and secondary, developing and developed is outdated.

The dominance of one under the other does not lead to progress. Such policy is threatening some countries to stay outside of the global development. This is a dead-lock for us. The alternative of such geopolitical practice is a just foundation of the global economy, monetary system and politics, based on equality of all countries.

The important aspect is change to a new paradigm of social development, based on social partnership and responsibility. This is a way to enlarge and broaden opportunities for average people.

It is vitally important to decide global issues on UN, international organizations, regional organizations, forums only by means of consensus.

It is necessary to note that visible changes in the world economic system are impossible without shift from “Washington” to Global consensus.

Foremost here is new system of global interests’ regulation as in developed countries so in developed countries.

Principle number three: Global tolerance and trust

I’m impressed by the conclusion of “creative class” authors that tolerance is an important factor of economic growth in XXI century.

Here in Kazakhstan we understood it earlier and initiated the religious dialogue.

In a week in Astana we will conduct the fourth meeting of traditional religions and world leaders. Developing the scientific approach I want to note that the way out of the recession is promotion of global tolerance.

And it is not only ethnic but religious and cultural mutual respect.

Tolerance should be preserved in interstate relations, in spite of countries power, strength, development level and historical experience.

The diversity of the world gives enormous opportunities for cultural, informational and economic growth and cooperation. Without tolerance the Global trust cannot be established. Twenty years ago when I was at the UN General Assembly, I initiated the process to set up a network for confidence building measures in Asia which has become an authoritative international body. This initiative should be enlarged and skilled up to the UN as a whole, because without global trust, anti-crisis measures can’t be achieved.

Number four: Global transparency

The world in the format of G-GLOBAL is a transparent community of nations. There shouldn’t be double standards. We need full openness and transparency in international affairs. During Kazakhstan chairmanship in OSCE and during the Astana OSCE Summit we invited all our partners to it. So that the world could get rid of many problems connected with poverty, diseases, starvation.

Principle number five: Constructive multipolarity

The creation of multipolar world is a trend of the global development in XXI century. But the question remains what kind of relationship there will be between different poles. Will it be a just and sincere rivalry a peaceful rivalry? Or the world will turn to a rough ideological and political confrontation, the arena for new armament drive?

In that case the past local conflicts may flame again. If mankind will leave without any control the spread of nuclear armament an international terrorism and extremism may risk us. The alternative of it is constructive multipolarity.

It should be a balanced system of geopolitical checks and balances without psychological blocks, heritage of the bipolar world. There shouldn’t be any place for geopolitical snobbism. Integrated powerful organizations should coexist in close cooperation and peace. Near future the Eurasian economic Union may be one of them.

I am convinced that guiding with this principle the world may decide actual problems and gain sustainable development.

I invite the participants of the Forum to discuss these principles at G-GLOBAL.

I am convinced that G-GLOBAL will grow with the support of the world community.

Therefore I offer you to create a powerful international portal. These reforms of the world economic system I reflected in my articles “Keys from crisis” and “The fifth way”.

It means the world without nuclear weapons, strengthening of the global security on EuroAtlantic and Eurasia space; expand of the cultures and civilizations dialogue, realization of the global energy ecological development as well as Kazakhstani initiative “Green Bridge”. Those directions may become a part of the Global future strategy aimed to serve in future centuries.

In order to underpin this initiative I propose to establish on the basis of Eurasian club of Scientists an international forecasting institute.

Dear participants of the Forum!

I believe that XXI century will turn into the era of wisdom for humanity.

We proposed G-GLOBAL in order to make a step to this epoch.

It is a step to piece, without crisis and effective new world currency.

I invite the participants of the Forum to address to the UN and to organize a world conference for working out ant crisis plan. I wish all the participants successful and fruitful discussions! Thank you for your attention.