Kazakh-UK Nuclear Energy Forum 2010

image UK_NEFKazakhstan’s nuclear energy industry

Kazakhstan is set to become one of the world’s leading players in the global nuclear energy industry, increasingly offering major foreign direct investment opportunities in uranium mining, processing and power generation. Additionally, Kazakhstan is seeking to sharply boost its presence in the global nuclear industry, not just as a supplier of uranium and uranium fuel pellets, but as a stakeholder in foreign nuclear power generation capacity, thereby creating an extensive range of technical and commercial partnership opportunities.

Already the world’s largest producer of uranium, Kazakhstan plans to double production during the next ten years or so, during which it will steadily emerge as the source of around one-third of the world’s uranium exports.

But in keeping with the country’s overall industrial development strategy, it is seeking to maximise its long term return on its massive uranium deposits, roughly equivalent to 20 per cent of the world’s known reserves, by increasingly focusing on the manufacture and sale of value added uranium fuel pellets and investing in nuclear power generation capacity, both at home and in foreign energy markets.

Kazatomprom, the country’s national atomic energy company, structures and drives all aspects of Kazakhstan’s nuclear energy industry, from uranium mining and processing, through to power generation. Its international partnerships and commercial linkages take in China, Russia, France, Canada and Japan and are set to expand significantly both in industrial scope and geographical reach in the next few years.

At a time when nuclear industry security issues have given rise to such concern, Kazakhstan’s political credentials for establishing a major nuclear industry presence are impeccable. In the wake of becoming an independent country almost 20 years ago, President Nazarbayev took the historic decision to abandon nuclear weapons and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Moreover, in keeping with its NPT status, President Nazarbayev more recently proposed the establishment of an internationally-supervised enriched uranium bank in Kazakhstan to help facilitate the development of nuclear power capacity around the world, while helping to contain the threat of nuclear weapons proliferation.

Why attend?

This major forum will provide attendees with a deep insight in to Kazakhstan’s current and prospective plans to develop all aspects of its nuclear industry and provide direct access to leading government ministers and Kazatomprom officials during two days of intensive briefings and dialogue.

Who should attend?

• Mining companies and consultants

• Power utilities: generators and distributors

• Energy multinationals

• Energy construction and engineering specialists

• Shipping companies and logistics experts

• Government and non-governmental organisations

• Financiers/bankers/brokers/analysts

• Companies specialising in the nuclear sector


Please note: that KBCC members are entitled to a discounted rate to attend the Forum or become a sponsor.