International Conference “Housing and Utilities Infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan – challenges, solutions, prospects”

The International Conference “HOUSING AND UTILITIES INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN – CHALLENGES, SOLUTIONS, PROSPECTS” is a major event devoted to Kazakhstan housing and utilities infrastructure and its development and strengthening mutual advantageous cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on modernization and development of housing and communal services till


Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of Kazakhstan Center for Modernization and Development of the Public Utility Sector are preparing a full-scale program aimed at modernization and development of the public utilities infrastructure till 2020, envisaging comprehensive upgrades of the infrastructure and utility networks, water supply and effluent discharge reconstruction, implementation of resource-saving technologies as well as energy saving technologies for the housing upgrade to be financed from the specifically allocated budgets.

The list of speakers will include representatives of the industry-specific ministries and agencies, local regulators of the public utilities sector as well as representatives of international development institutes and financial structures and leading experts from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, other FSU and EU countries.

The Conference offers a great opportunity to:

  • Receive first-hand information on the current state of affairs in the public utility sector, legal basis for cooperation between the market players, investment projects and prospects
  • Benefit from business meetings with the leaders of all municipal administrations (akimats) of Kazakhstan in charge of water supply and water disposal, heating, gas and electricity supply, support of municipal infrastructure operations, as well as representatives of industry-specific ministries and agencies of the Republic.
  • Present your company as a reliable partner and contractor for implementation of innovative projects in the field of public utilities sector
  • Come forth with your ideas on implementation of your company’s best practices, products and services in implementation of the Program


  • Representatives of related ministries and government bodies supervising fuel-and-energy сomplex and utilities sector
  • Head and Business managers of municipal organisations  providing services to communal sector
  • Top and business development management of water, gas and heating services and supply companies
  • Top Management and managers of pipeline construction and rehabilitation contractor organisations
  • Top management and managers of power generating and distribution companies
  • Top management and managers of  power facilities and energy lines construction
  • Business development managers and managers of financial institutions and banks
  • Scientists, representatives of related R&D establishments, companies providing consulting services and specializing in utilities researches and advanced development


Please refer all your queries concerning registration and participation in the conference by the following contacts

Asel Sabyrova

Project Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 208 349 1999