Prime Minister sets tasks for Oil & Gas Minister

January 26, 2013

At a Monday meeting of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov announced that in April 2013, the country planned to begin the construction of the Tobol-Kokshetau-Astana pipeline, which would supply northern regions of the country with natural gas. The head of the Cabinet asked the Ministry to solve all organizational and financial issues for the project by the end of the first quarter. Moreover, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry to begin the construction of the second phase of the Bozoi-Shymkent pipeline to be delivering natural gas to Southern Kazakhstan in 2013, instead of 2014 as it had been planned earlier. Summarizing the results of the development of the oil and gas sector, the Minister of Oil and Gas informed the Prime Minister that in 2012 the country extracted over 79 million tonnes of oil and natural gas condensate as well as 40 billion cubic metres of natural gas. Sauat Mynbayev noted that the last year’s capacity figures were lower than in 2011. However, this year it is planned to increase it and extract about 82 million tonnes. Additionally, the Minister also said about the construction of 600 kilometres of pipelines and plans for another large project.

Sauat Mynbayev, Kazakh Minister of Oil and Gas:
- Currently, we are working on the project of construction of the Tobol-Kokshetau-Astana pipeline to provide natural gas for Astana and the country’s northern regions. Implementation of this project will allow gas supplies to the regions, which never had it before. We have already received feasibility studies and design specifications and estimates. This is the one of the top-priority projects in terms of financing.

The Prime Minister also asked the Ministry to begin the construction of the pipeline in April 2013 and noted that it was necessary to tackle all organizational and financial issues by the end of the first quarter. Serik Akhmetov also asked to increase Kazakhstan’s share in the procurements of goods and services by foreign extraction companies and especially by those, who were developing large-scale projects. Additionally, the Prime Minister was talking about the jobs for local specialists at foreign-invested enterprises.

Serik Akhmetov, Kazakh Prime Minister:
- The Ministry and all agencies of the oil and gas sector should focus on the influence the Ministry and the sphere in general have on the country’s stable economic growth. Additionally, it is necessary to attract local specialists, young specialists and people, who are studying at foreign and local universities as part of the Bolashak programme, to this sphere.

The head of the Cabinet also asked the Ministry to finish the construction of the bitumen plant, start the reconstruction of the Pavlodar and Shymkent oil refineries, develop oil and gas infrastructure and new hydrocarbon transportation routes.