Kazakhstan to introduce electronic registry of prices

January 29, 2013

Kazakhstan is to establish an electronic registry of prices. This project, developed together with the World Bank, is expected to be introduced first in Almaty and Astana. Later on, the project will be commissioned in other cities of the country. It will be providing quicker and more reliable information concerning the prices of goods and will minimize the effects of human errors. Particular agencies and officials will be holding strict responsibility for the information they provide to the statistical agency.

Alikhan Smailov, Chairman, Kazakh Statistics Agency:
- The code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on administrative offences as of January 30, 2001 will see the introduction of amendments. They will be imposed in accordance with the strengthening of liability with a warning fine up to 10 minimum calculation indices and from 7 minimum calculation indices to 20 minimum calculation indices depending on the violation. It is being done in order to provide responsibility enhancement for governmental agencies officials for non-presentation, undue presentation and presentation of unreliable administrative data for an authorized statistical agency.

Items included in the so-called consumer basket will see amendments as well. According to the country’s statistical agency, it is related to the changing consumers’ preferences.