Kazakhstan and Russia discuss new Treaty of Good-Neighbourliness and Alliance Cooperation

January 26, 2013

During the meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow his Kazakh counterpart Yerlan Idrissov has announced that Kazakhstan presented a new Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Alliance Cooperation in the 21st century.

The head of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry noted that this document should bring the relations between Moscow and Astana to a new quality level. In his turn, Yerlan Idrissov noted that this meeting is a ‘synchronisation of watches, since the cooperation of the two countries is the most multi-dimensional process, as it ensures deep mutual understanding and a high level of trust’. As part of this meeting the parties signed a plan of interaction of the Foreign Affairs Ministries of the two countries for 2013. At the joint press conference Foreign Affairs Ministers have noted the issues of joint use of the Baikonur cosmodrome.


-Cooperation in the space area and in particular the joint use of the Baikonur space area is our top priority. In December the president of Kazakhstan and Russia met in Moscow and confirmed the importance of this cooperation. They noted the need for maintenance and development of Baikonur as an important direction of our cooperation as well as a symbol of our partnership.


-Kazakhstan and Russia are moving towards the future together and it is tuned to both the political and the social levels. That is why as Sergei Viktorovich said the Baikonur launching site is our general property and our main aim is to increase mutual dividends from the functioning of this facility.