Investment in Kazakhstan: IDEAS FOR POTENTIAL PLAYERS

August 18, 2011

Those who have visited Kazakhstan had the opportunity to experience the energetic and dynamic environment of our country. Today Kazakhstan is a state with significant innovative and investment potential.

We have created all necessary conditions for foreign investors — a liberal market economy, favorable tax and customs regimes, and legislative protection for foreign investments. Entering the Customs Union with a combined consumer market of 170 million people opens new opportunities and horizons for investors to efficiently implement investment projects in Kazakhstan…

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  • Welcome to Kazakhstan
  • Success stories
    1. ArcelorMittal
    2. Cameco Corporation
    3. Chevron
    4. Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation
    5. HSBC Bank Kazakhstan
    6. METRO Cash & Carry
    7. Philip Morris International
    8. RBS (Kazakhstan)
    9. Siemens
    10. Telia Sonera
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