Engineering laboratory of Eurasian National University develops new projects

January 21, 2013

The Eurasian National University believes that innovations can serve as strong impetus to the development of scientific innovations and local science has enough potential for it.

Launching the engineering laboratory opened up new possibilities for research, especially in the area on nanotechnologies.  The laboratory employs the best graduates. Daryn Borgekov is one of the first graduates of nanotechnology and nano-materials department. Today he does his second year of a master course. Last year he underwent advanced training in the Czech Republic. Young scientists invented a method of obtaining simple and cheap water filters from polymer materials.


-With the help of this filter, we will receive clean water. This is the first filter of a kind in Kazakhstan where the filtration process is conducted with the help of a polymer film. Production of these filters is cheap and filters are very simple. Currently, we have received a lot of orders from the Defence Ministry. With the help from our produce our military officers can clean water in the river and use it for drinking.

Under the support of the Ministry of Education and Science, specialists of the laboratory are running research on 8 projects, including 3 focused on innovative results.


-The scientific and technological potential of the accelerator unit is 20 years. It means that we can develop several scientific directions on the radiation material science, nanotechnologies, membrane technologies, create filters for cleaning air, blood, create new materials, cultivate structures of nanowire in these filters and create absorption surfaces. We have a lot of plans. We have young people, who are interested in these projects. Financing and unique equipment from the government will allow achieving results and do research on the global level.

The winner of the Altyn sapa presidential award, the Eurasian National University pays special attention to cooperation of science and production. Together with foreign colleagues scientists of the university are going to continue research in the area of alternative energy and the prevention of different diseases.